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I want to address a colpue of comments here.One poster asked me "for the love of god" not to give the BC Conservatives a platform here.They have no platform here - I am merely reporting the news - which I might add you have not seen in any BC newspaper, despite it's obvious significance. So far as I know only Public Eye Online and this blog have information on this development.I will also add that this is a free speech blog. I don't agree with much of what Randy White stands for but I find it fascinating that he is denouncing the BC Liberals, as federal Conservative Party MP John Cummins has done. It's an indication of big trouble for the Gordon Campbell government.Next, Anonymous 6:38 talks about "racist organizers" as being the "scum of the earth".I have allowed this strong comment despite misgivings but I think it is important to differentiate between racism and disagreeing with public policies.I have been called an "extremist columnist" because I publicly opposed the Tsawwassen Treaty over the exclusion of Agricultural Land Reserve farmland. But I have always supported First Nations' right to negotiate fair treaties and right the historical wrongs their people have suffered.That's not to defend others' positions - just to note that one can have a difference of opinion without being a "racist".
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Caring/Helpfulness: 4
Knowledge: 5
The Staff: 4
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