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Thank you both Dale and Dawn for all your help and insights and for shraing with all of us in the MPB Today family. I have begun to build my foundation for a strong and successful business thank you for helping me focus correctly. Yes, anyone can do this business when the WHY is understood. Keep your eye on your goals. Don't make it so complex; it is really very simple. The old KISS method- keep it simple, silly really works. See it, feel it, hear it, touch it and live it. As we all know, nothing happens over night but over time, so shoot for the moon and even if you miss it you will land among the stars. High aims do form high characters, but great objectives will bring out great minds. I do not want or need to set any records, I can look in the mirror and be happy, but I do strive for perfection in all that I do. I have always had a search for perfection but it always just stays out of my reach until now. If you are willing to try and with a little guidance, it is amazing how close one can get . Choice not chance will determine our destiny. You are responsible for your life so act honestly, do the right thing at the right time the right way and of course answer boldly, be open and willing to learn more. Thanks to you both, Gary and everyone involved in the beginning of a perfect storm that will sweep this great nation of ours.Terrence
Punctuality: 3
Caring/Helpfulness: 4
Knowledge: 2
The Staff: 2
Review Submitted December 2, 2015   OK Doctor Rating !!

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