Easy Ways to Keep Eating Healthy Over the Holidays

By Carolyn Eagle

Posted in : Nutrition

November 28, 2016

Sticking to a healthy diet is practically impossible over the holidays when treats and temptations are around every corner and moderation fled with the first snowfall. Still, with a little planning ahead, you can get through the holiday season with your waist line still intact. Here are some of our best tips:


Home baked cookies in the break room, candy canes at the reception desk, the draw of the gingerbread latte on coffee breaks, pot lucks, and client lunches. The office can be a minefield of tasty and tempting treats when the holidays hit. Our tips:

• Keep some trail mix, nuts or berries at your desk. It’s easier to resist those 3 o’clock munchies if you already have something healthy and readily accessible.

• Stick to non-fat, no whip holiday drinks. If you just can’t resist, then lessen the blow. Remember that the flavored syrups already pack a sugary punch and you can still get that wonderful pumpkin, gingerbread or egg nog flavor without all the added fat.

• Bring your own herbal teas and sip throughout the day. It will keep you full and hydrated

• Bring your own healthy lunch and if you do go out, stick with appetizer sized portions or healthier food instead of large main courses.


Some of us dread it and some of us love it, but holiday shopping is unavoidable and the mall is not a place you want to be when you are trying to eat healthy. It can be done though, so here are some of my favorite tips:

• Have a filling, healthy meal before you go out

• Take some snacks with you and avoid going near the food court or other tempting treat stands.

• If you have to eat at the mall, go for high protein foods like sushi, a turkey sub, veggie wrap, or a small hamburger (hold the fries). They will fill you up and give you energy to keep shopping

• Bring some water and keep hydrated. It’s easy to mistake thirst for hunger and malls are extremely warm, dry and dehydrating at this time of year.


• Eat before you go and drink lots of fluids

• Avoid mixed cocktails, hard liquor, and creamy drinks like eggnog. Have a wine spritzer instead if you want to indulge.

• Don’t stand near the food table where you will be tempted to just pop tasty treats in your mouth.

• If you just can’t resist, then have small portions of holiday favorites rather than items like cheese or chips that you can have throughout the year.

• If warm appetizers are being passed around, be conscious of how many you’ve had. Decide on a limit beforehand and stick to it. Go for grilled shrimp or smoked salmon appetizers instead of spring rolls or mozzarella sticks.


• Cook meals ahead and freeze them or buy healthy frozen meals for the whole family that you can quickly pop in the oven

• Get lots of sleep. Staying up late leads to late night snacking and munching during the day in an effort to stay alert.

• Don’t completely deny yourself. Special foods are a huge part of family holiday traditions. Have a piece of shortbread or a latke and don’t skip the stuffing. Just eat smaller portions, put more veggies on your plate, and drink lots of water.

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